Tonight, I heard the stories of 25 women whose babies died before ever having the chance to really live. We have come together, a community of bereaved mothers, to share and grieve and hopefully heal a few pieces of our broken hearts. It’s heavy and overwhelming; I’m a bit uneasy. But I’m here and I’m going to allow myself this week long retreat to honour Brody.

I didn’t bring my laptop and blogging from my phone is not ideal. So I don’t know how much I’ll share along the way. But on this first night, I want to say that I am open to this journey. I don’t know anyone, I’m sharing a room with a stranger, I’m sleeping on a pull out couch, it’s raining and I just heard a lot of very sad stories. But I’m open to meeting new people and crying with them and being vulnerable.

Truthfully I am quite resistant, but it’s going to be okay. Right? I feel way out of my comfort zone, but that’s where life takes you sometimes. That’s where life has taken me.

And though this is called a retreat, I need to be brave and move forward and push myself to not withdraw. I believe there is a divine light in each of these women and I want to acknowledge it as well as share the light within me.

Say a prayer for us.


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